RSMS – 187 Visa

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Visa (Subclass 187)

The Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme or RSMS – 187 Visa is a permanent residency work visa that allows workers to stay in regional areas of Australia, sponsored by an eligible employer. 

For the purposes of this visa, most of the areas outside Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are considered regional Australia.

RSMS – 187 Visa requirements

In order to submit a valid RSMS – 187 visa application, you must:

  1. be nominated by an Australian employer 
  2. meet the English language requirement
  3. have a positive skill assessment
  4. have at least 3 years of relevant experience in regional Australia
  5. be under 45 years of age 

The Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (Subclass 187) offers two streams:

Direct Entry * Closed to new applications from November 16, 2019

Temporary Residence Transition – For holders of Subclass 457 or Subclass 482 visa

Although each of these pathways has specific conditions, the above general RSMS – 187 Visa requirements apply, regardless of the stream.

Due to the multiple conditions and exemptions of the RSMS – 187 Visa, Borderless Migration recommends discussing your specific circumstances with our specialised migration consultants in Sydney, who will answer all your questions and will assist you through the entire application process. 

Contact us or visit our Bankstown office.

* From November 16, 2019 the Direct Entry stream of the RSMS – 187 Visa was closed to new applications due to the introduction of the Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 494). Please contact our migration consultants in our Bankstown office for more information and Australian work visa options.