Citizenship Application

Citizenship Application

The Australian citizenship application is available to permanent residents wishing to settle and keep a close link to the country by committing to Australia’s values and laws in order to receive the multiple benefits of Australian education and lifestyle.

Australian citizenship can be obtained by descent or by conferral.

Processing Times: Vary (24 to 30 months, approx.)

Citizenship Application Eligibility

In order to be eligible for the citizenship, you must:

  1. be a permanent resident or a New Zealand citizen
  2. meet the residence requirement 
  3. meet character requirement
  4. prove some knowledge of Australia
  5. meet the language requirement
  6. demonstrate a continuous link to Australia

In most cases, applicants to the Australian citizenship are asked to attend to an interview and sit the citizenship test, as part of the process; and if successful, they will receive the invitation to the citizenship ceremony where they will need to make the Australian Citizenship Pledge.

Our experienced migration agents and lawyers are ready to answer your questions about the citizenship application process and will guide you through the application checklist and the relevant application form, confirming your eligibility before you pay any application fee.
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