Work Visa

Work Visa

Australia has many opportunities to offer, not only to tourists with spectacular beaches and landscapes, but also to professionals and skilled workers, with attractive working conditions and salaries.

However, it is important to know that the applicants interested in working in Australia must meet different requirements, depending on the type of Work Visa that best suits their situation.

At Borderless Migration, we recommend consulting us regarding the different possibilities and scenarios that could open the doors to Australia for you and your family.

For example, if you wish to visit Australia for a short period, with the possibility to work, and your country of origin is an eligible country, you could qualify for a Working Holiday Visa.

And, if you wish to migrate permanently to Australia and your employer is eligible to be a sponsor, you could qualify for an employer nominated work visa, such as the ENS – 186 Visa or the RSMS – 187 Visa.

However, if you are interested in residing temporarily or permanently in Australia, but you do not have a sponsor, you could apply for a Skilled Visa, if eligible.

Contact us or visit our Bankstown office, our team is ready to answer your questions about the Work Visa requirements and costs.