Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa

Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa (Subclass 870)

The Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa is available to applicants who are the biological parent, legal (adoptive) parent, step-parent or parent in-law of an Australian citizen or permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen, and who wish to reunite temporarily with their family in Australia, for up to 3 or 5 years.

Processing Times: Vary (4 months, approx.)

Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa requirements

In order to submit a valid Temporary Sponsored Visa application, you must:

  1. be eligible to apply
  2. have a sponsor (eligible family member)
  3. meet the health requirement
  4. meet the character requirement
  5. demonstrate enough money to support yourself while in Australia
  6. only intend to stay temporarily 
  7. have adequate health insurance

Although this visa allows the applicants to stay in Australia for a relatively long period of time, under the Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa, the applicants are not allowed to work and this visa does not have a pathway to a permanent stay.

However, applicants interested in extending their stay, can apply to the Temporary Contributory (Subclass 173), which allows applicants to reunite with their family members for up to 2 years and work while in Australia, with a pathway to a permanent visa through the Contributory (Subclass 143). In addition to the requirements above, the 173 Visa requires a balance-of-family test, which ensures the applicant’s ties to Australia make them an eligible candidate. 

Holders of the Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa (Subclass 870) cannot apply to the Temporary Contributory Parent Visa (Subclass 173).

Likewise, the Australian Government offers the option of the Permanent Parent Visa, for applicants wishing to migrate to Australia; the Aged Parent Visas (contributory, permanent or temporary), for those applicants who are old enough to be eligible for the Australian pension scheme; or the Visitor Visa options, for those applicants wishing to stay for a shorter period of time and who do not have an eligible sponsor.

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