July 15, 2021

How Much Does a Migration Agent Cost in Australia?

There is often a general misconception among potential immigrants that the procedures regarding relocation are not complicated. There are a lot of people who want to research everything on the internet and want to finalize migration applications by themselves. The primary motivation behind doing so is to save the cost of consulting a migration agent. 

Although it is very much possible to handle the complex procedure of migration on your own, there are also chances of mistakes, delays, and missing out on better opportunities. Professional migration agents are experienced and competent enough to guide you through the process seamlessly and show you the ways for better paths. 

What Does a Migration Agent Do? 

Migration agents assist thousands of people every year to enter a different country and start a new life. They are required to hold a legal practicing certificate in order to become official migration agents. A graduate certificate in Australian migration law and practices is also necessary to become a professional agent. 

A migration agent assists you in preparing your visa application. He provides consultation on what type of visa will bring you the best results in your future endeavors. He will prepare all the required documents and make sure that everything is in order according to regulations. 

A competent migration agent will provide you an honest opinion regarding your eligibility for a particular visa. He will communicate with government officials on your behalf and represent you before a court in relation to any visa-related matters. 

Different types of visas have different costs, processing types and offer varying lengths of stay. A migration agent is experienced in recognizing which visa will suit an individual the best. Acquiring the consultancy of a qualified migration agent simplifies the application process and provides the gateway to incredibly valuable insights. 

Perks of Working With a Migration Agent 

Migration agents are well-versed with the intricate laws and regulations surrounding migration. They are capable of interpreting regulations that can be challenging for an inexperienced applicant. Working with a migration agent can simplify a lot of the complexities. 

Migration agents can save you some money in the long run. The fees payable to the Department of Immigration are non-refundable. A declined or failed application does not mean that you will get that money back. With the help of a competent agent, the chances of a failed application are significantly lowered, and thus, you can avoid any loss of money. An experienced migration agent will also be able to provide you valuable advice regarding the best suitable visa type for you to live a good life. 

Hiring a migration agent can ensure all your documents and requirements are met to complete your precise application with much time left. He will thoroughly inspect your documents before submission and work his best to increase the probability of visa approval. 

Although a migration agent cannot guarantee the success of an application, he will certainly significantly improve its chances. 

How Much Does A Migration Agent Cost? 

The charge of a migration agent largely varies based on multiple factors. The type of visa an applicant wants to pursue is a significant factor. Temporary visas such as visitor, tourist, or holiday visas are simpler to work on and are relatively inexpensive. Permanent visas such as skilled visas, partner visas are carefully prepared, and the agent charges are slightly more expensive. 

A large agency with a lot of employees will undoubtedly cost more than most other agencies. However, the expertise and experience of such migration agents are genuinely superior. Highly qualified agents and immigration lawyers have earned the right to charge a premium. The cost can also vary based on the ways an agent bills the client. Hourly rate format and bill-by-service formats can result in different prices. 

Under the permanent visa category, agents can charge anything between 500$ to 4000$, depending on the factors mentioned above. Temporary visas can cost anything between 500$ to 5000$. There is no legal scale on how much the migration agencies can charge for consultation. The agents’ code of conduct states that a fair and reasonable amount must be charged. 

Many immigration agencies will provide charge-free consultation for applicants looking for some advice and knowledge. Suppose the applicant wants to seek further help from the agency and wants an agent to undertake the visa application procedures. In that case, the agent will then let the applicant know about the charges based on the information provided. 

You are not obligated to attain the services of a migration agent by any means. If you believe that contracting the services, consultation, and expertise of a migration agent will provide valuable benefits to you, and simplify an overwhelming process for many, you should reach out to a migration agency. It’s important to choose the right migration agent for your situation. When searching for an agent, remember that all migration agents operating in Australia must be registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA).