March 10, 2021

How many points do you need for skilled migration to Australia?

If you are looking forward to migrating to Australia, there are a few things about the Australian migration system that you must know. Australia’s migration system is known to be one of the most sophisticated systems around the world. Given the rise in demand of Australian educational certificates and lucrative salaries, there are a huge number of people willing to migrate to Australia for a better lifestyle. However, not many people are successful in this journey because of the lack of knowledge about Australian skilled migration points.

There are two subclasses of Australian skilled visas, subclass 189 and subclass 190 and to have any of the mentioned visas, a person must accumulate above a certain point threshold. Though any person holding 65 points can apply for any of the skilled migration visas, it is highly unlikely that the minimum points can secure an invitation to apply for a skilled visa, as this is dependent on the other candidates’ points- those with higher points are invited first.

Is 75 Points Enough for 189 Visa?

As mentioned before 65 is the minimum points to apply, so having a score of 75 is of course a good thing. However, it also depends on your skills and the state you are applying from. Different states have different rules for migration and in each state, there is a backlog of visa applications for 189 subclass visas as well. If there are people who are holding much higher points than 75 in that backlog, it is obvious that they will get the invitation first.

What is the Age Limit for Working Visa in Australia?

In Australia the maximum age for most visas is 50. However, we need to be mindful before applying about the fact that the Australian skilled migration system uses age as a point factor too. The greater the age the lesser the points you will be awarded.

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