August 30, 2021

How Long Can You Stay In Australia on a Working Visa?

Australia is an amazing blend of beauty and culture, making it a great place to visit. There are multiple work visas you can apply for, which makes Australia an extremely convenient destination for finding employment abroad. You need to knows how long you can stay in Australia on a working visa. The duration of these visas varies from each other, depending on the type.

The Working Holiday visa (Subclass 417) allows tourists to work and get paid while travelling around Australia. Under this form of work visa in Australia, you can find short-term work all over the country to help fund your 12-month stay.

While the initial Working Holiday visa is only valid for 12 months, there are possibilities to extend your stay. You can apply for a second and third Working Holiday visa that would enable you to stay for an additional 12 months each time.

There are other Australian work visas as well. Temporary work visas (Subclass 482, Subclass 485, Subclass 476, Subclass 489, and Subclass 188) allow you to travel to Australia and work for a certain time. There may be visa limitations on your visa that only enable you to do certain work or work for a specific business.

Work visas in Australia are available for a wide range of occupations, including skilled employees in different fields of expertise. You can apply for a working permit as a short-term investor and experienced entrepreneur. Your profession and skills will qualify you for one of Australia’s several work permit visas.

Each Australian work visa has its own set of criteria, some of which are dependent on an immigration point system. You may require various visas based on the nature of their profession and the length of time you will be working. You can fill up your work permit application yourself, or your employer or sponsor can help you out as well.

You can stay for up to two to four years, depending on the type of your visa. Holders of Hong Kong passports may stay for up to 5 years.

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