April 19, 2021

How do you get permanent residency in Australia?

Australia is nowadays known as the most livable country considering its environment, weather, and economical situation. This is the reason, for a lot of people this country is now the best to migrate to as every human wants their future to be safe and secure. Whilst there are a lot of people who want to move in, Australian immigration has decided to allow people from specific occupations, and this occupation list is updated annually according to demand.

Moreover, as it is a point-based system, there are several criteria through which a person can gain points. Now, as per Australian PR requirement is concerned, different occupations have different threshold points, which will determine whether the applicant will receive an invitation to apply; however, the minimum point is 65 to be eligible to apply, but it is not certain that one will receive an invitation to apply for a skilled visa just by achieving the minimum points.

At Borderless Migration, we have experienced migration consultants, who have a proven track record. When you come to us with your file, ensure that we have all your documents in order for us to calculate your points accurately. We will ensure we have all the necessary documents prior to applying. Prior to lodging, we will outline all the fees involved in your application process. Usually, for Subclass 189 and 190 the application processing fee is approximately AUD4,000, which is subject to change every financial year.

So, if you are seeking any migration-related consultations, our experienced consultants are always here to help you. All you need to do is contact us or explore our website for more information.