September 16, 2021

Highest Paying Engineering Jobs in Australia

Looking for the highest paying engineering jobs in Australia? There is high demand for competent engineers all over the country.

Engineering skills are essential to the operation of our civilizations and economy. As we tackle global issues such as climate change, water, and food shortages, resource depletion, engineering skills will become even more vital. In Australia, the average annual pay for an engineer is $70,734.

How much does an engineer earn?

Mechanical engineers play a role in the development, and improvement of current technologies by creating, designing, and evaluating mechanical equipment.   In Australia, the average mechanical engineer salary is $103,806 annually or $53.23 per hour. Wages for entry-level occupations start at $89,212 per year, with the highest paying mechanical engineering jobs paying up to $141,643 per year.

With the digitalization of almost everything, there has never been such a demand for software engineers in the world.  In Australia, the entry-level software engineer earns AU$ 61,823 per year. The highest paying software engineering jobs pay around AU$98,956 for 10-19 years of experience.

Civil engineers work in a variety of fields, including architectural, environmental, and road construction. An entry-level Civil Engineer with less than can expect to average total compensation of AU$60,480.  a mid-career Civil Engineer with 5-9 years of experience makes an average total pay of AU$86,367. In Australia, the average pay for the highest paying civil engineer job is $105,321 per year.

Electrical engineers are in charge of implementing and developing parts for any electrical equipment, as well as the devices themselves. Their focus is on power generation. Electrical engineers are also responsible for studying, developing, and upgrading existing goods and technologies.

The average annual pay for an electrical engineer is $94,918 in Australia. An Electrical Engineer in his early career gets an average total pay of AU of $71,742.  An Electrical Engineer with 5-9 years of professional experience makes an average total pay of AU$90,242. An accomplished Electrical Engineer with 10-19 years of experience gets an average total remuneration of AU$108,928. Approximately half of Australia’s engineers are from foreign nations. This means as an engineer, you will have plenty of opportunities to find work in Australia. Contact us for more info