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  • I applied through 3 law firms for a visa to reunite with my husband and daughter in Australia, and I was refused all 3 times. This amazing lady is the best thing that has happened to us in Australia. She put in all her efforts for my 5 year old daughter’s sake. Her kindness and honesty is touching. My daughter is now in my arms and does not cry for mama every night like she used to

    Karina, Uzbekistan
  • I arrived to Australia on a Carer Visa to care for my elderly parents. Borderless proved to be a highly respected and reliable firm. They were honest and the Migration expert who handled our case was extremely helpful. My carer visa was granted within 3 months, whereas I had been told by other offices that it would take a year and over. I would advise anyone who wants to apply for a visa to deal with this honest and compassionate lady

    Esther, Lebanon
  • I applied for a 457 Business visa through Borderless a couple of years back. Fatima handled our application, and after almost 2 years of attempting to get the visa through another firm, she was able to get the visa within 8 weeks. She was honest and driven to achieve results. We contacted her just last week to request that she handle our permanent visa now. We would highly recommend this firm to anyone

    Arno, Austria
  • Borderless lodged an application for a Skilled visa on my behalf. I am a Software Engineer. The visa was granted within 6 months. The lady I dealt with was knowledgeable and very efficient. I highly recommend this firm

    Sarah, UAE
  • My family and I applied for an Onshore Protection visa through Borderless. We were refused by the Department and lodged an appeal through the Refugee Review Tribunal. After 4 long years and tireless efforts by our representative, we were granted the permanent visa only last month. We cried tears of joy, as we were really afraid to return to our home country. The lady who took care of our case deserves more than we can every repay her, as she definitely helped change our lives. My son is in university now and happier than ever. Thank you BM