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Investor Retirement Visas

Student Visas

If you are a student interested in continuing your studies in Australia, we can help you. A Confirmation of Enrolment is required prior to submitting a student visa application. There are several universities we can recommend.

General Skilled Migration

If you are a skilled worker, you may apply for a general skilled visa. Our specialists will assess your skills and qualifications to determine the most suitable visa, and assist you throughout the application process.

Business visas

If you are an Australian business looking to bring foreign workers, our specialists can guide you through your application for a business sponsorship. If you are looking to work for an Australian business, we will assist you in your application for a 457 business sponsored visa.

Partner Visas

Australian citizens and permanent residents are eligible to sponsor partners to reunite with them in Australia. To sponsor a partner, you must either be married, engaged, in a defacto relationship, or have registered your relationship.

Aged Dependent Relative Visas

Australian permanent residents can sponsor relatives they have been supporting financially for the last 2 years, provided the relative is aged 65 or over.

Remaining Relative Visas

Remaining relative visas are for individuals whose close relatives are all living lawfully and permanently in Australia. You would need to be sponsored by a relative who is a settled permanent resident or citizen.

Temporary Work visa – Subclass 457

The 457 Temporary Business Visa is the most commonly used work visa. It allows an employee to work and live in Australia for up to four years. An employer can sponsor an overseas worker to fill a nominated skilled position in Australia on a temporary basis. Immediate family members such as a partner and dependent children can also be included on the application. This visa also allows for multiple entries to Australia.

Parent Visas

Parents with at least half their children living permanently in Australia may be eligible for permanent residence in Australia via a parent visa. Parents over a certain age may be eligible to apply for an onshore ‘aged parent’ visa which allows them to remain in Australia on a bridging visa during processing. They will also be entitled to a temporary medicare card while their visa application is being processed.

Visitor Visas for Parents

Parents with Australian citizen or permanent resident children may be eligible for visitor visas with a longer validity. This is more convenient for elderly parents who wish to spend extended periods with their children.

Visitors visa

If you are looking to bring a relative or friend from overseas for a visit, there are several types of visitor visas they may apply for. We will advise you of the most suitable pathway, and whether you are required to sponsor your visitor.

Carer Visas

Carer visas allow Australian citizens and permanent residents with a medical condition or disability to sponsor a relative to stay in Australia permanently to take care of them.

Investor Retirement Visas

These visas are for people aged 55 or over looking to retire in Australia. Significant assets and income must be shown, and investment in Australian state or territory bonds is also required.

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